Islamic Concept of the Genie

We may all be familiar with the term "Genie" from popular tv shows such as Alladin which is from the Arabian Nights where the genie is a jolly spirit who emerges when an old lamp is rubbed and grants the person who rubs the lamp any three wishes. The word, Genie an English corruption of the Arabic word Jinni which in Islamic folklore and Mythology is said to be a magic spirit or demon on a lower rank than an angel. The original jinn was called Iblis, who was cast out by Allah for refusing to worship Adam, the first man.
Genies are said to be made up of either fire or air and can appear as humans or animals. Genies can be found in air,flame rocks, trees and many other places and may either be good or evil.Unlike the Angels in Christianity, Genies are very human like with human needs such as the need to reproduce and they can also die after living an extraordinarily long lifespan. Genies occur either as male or female, the male called jinni and the female, jinniyah with the plural form being jinn.Jinn, although being demons have the choice of being good or evil, the good kind being beautiful and the bad, ugly. both kinds were potrayed in the animated alladin movie.
Jinn are said to be the spirits responsible for disease, accidents and other calamities as they are vengeful spirits who ensure that they punish humans for any wrong done them either intentionally or unintentionally.
Humans at times can become the masters of the Jinn with proper knowledge of their characters, temperaments and so on.

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