How the Media Affects People's Views about Angels

The media plays a great role in forming people's minds and in influencing their beliefs. You may have been introduced to angels through various media forms such as movies, tv shows, books and various websites on the internet that tackle this topic.
The extent to which minds can be influenced by how the media portray these spiritual beings can be compared to how advertising works wonders. If you own a company or you have a product that you want people to know about, you will rely on various advertising mediums in order to successfully relay your message to the buying public. Your main goal is to make them believe so that they will buy from you. This way, your business will prosper and you will stay in the industry longer. Through advertising, people become aware about certain products that they can well in fact live without. But through the wonders that commercials presented various products, the appeal becomes too tempting to be able to resist. You may be able to hold back and decide not to buy the product. But the company will only level up on their schemes to make you want to get hold of what they are advertising about.
Instant Hit
Due to the fact that the media have utilized the concept of these spiritual beings to the fullest and it keeps on doing so, this means that people are really interested to know more about them. If the idea is not selling, the media will stop using the concept. But as you can see, until now, these spiritual beings are still being used on movies, television shows and even on advertising gimmicks, whether on broadcast or print.
The concept is really simple if you will think about it. You no longer need to dig deep about its theories and origins to be able to believe about their existence. All you have to do is open your eyes to the wonderful things happening around you, especially at times when you least expect wondrous things to occur.
Simple Idea
It all boils down to this. Angels are assigned by God to each person to guide and protect them. Your guardian angel is responsible in reporting how you have been and offer prayers on your behalf. They are always looking at you. Your parents were right all along. If you will only be good, you will definitely make your guardian angle happy and proud of you.
It was during the 5th century on the Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite that Christianity developed the concept of tutelary angels as well as their order and hierarchy. The concept and ideas that surround these spiritual beings had undergone refinements and changes since the 400s. October 2 was set by the Roman Catholic Church as the memorial for the guardian angels according to the calendar of saints.
Your Own Beliefs
As you grow old, you will develop your own beliefs with regards to this topic. You may even experience some things similar to those that you see on mainstream media that will make you want to know more about it and believe that these beings were those that you have encountered. You may even die without really believing that they are true.
Different people will be influenced in various ways by the different views that are being fed by the media and other outlet that try to present the concept of angels.

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